Colin Duncan – family memories

Here are some old family snaps supplied by former Strathbungo resident Colin Duncan. He corresponded after one of his pictures, that I had been unable to attribute, was used in the article about the history of Strathbungo Station. Credit has now been duly given, but he also supplied some lovely shots taken at 33 Regent Park Square, and 22 Carswell Gardens.

My christening outside Regent Park Square. Check out the fashions of the day. (1951)

Tottering off to the Strathbungo footbridge for my fix of puff puffs. Just about to cross Moray Place from Regent Park Square. Look at the parking!

Dressed for my Canadian Auntie in `53 at No 33 RPS.. Cripes I do look posh

22 Carswell Gardens in 1956

One of two colour pictures of Strathbungo Station, taken by Colin after closure and the end of steam, as a diesel train in British Rail blue passes by.

His love of trains evidently never died; he still works on a steam railway, the Kent & East Sussex.

Colin Duncan on the Kent & East Sussex Heritage Railway


  1. Douglas Robertson

    March 30, 2021 at 3:15 am

    I wonder if Colin or anyone else, remembers the large 3ft+ carved stone Horses head which was mid way up on the right platform embankment looking from the metal bridge towards the Station building. It was still there in 1963/64. It would be nice to find out what happened to it and if, by a remote chance, there is any photos of it.

    • Hi Douglas. I do remember the big brown horses head. It was halfway along from the footbridge and the station building, Moray Place side looking directly at Darnley road. Needless to say, it was sat on by me watching the Thames Clyde express. Allegedly a station master from Newton Ayr racecourse station, brought it with him when he “retired” to Strathbungo station. that would tie in with lots of smaller “Burns characters” busts by the footbridge I also remember. I have looked quite a bit, but no photographs or information about it after the station closed in 62.

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