One aim of this site is to encourage further research. This is a list of references. Note in some cases links are provided to local copies of some of the documents for ease of access.

Firstly I recommend two other local history websites. They cover similar material, often based on similar sources, but with their own slant.

Strathbungo Village

Ian Goudie is a resident of Nursery Street, who likes to argue this is still within Strathbungo, and not without good reason. He has compiled an excellent blog page on the history of Strathbungo, with lots of relevant photographs, and stories of many of the businesses in the area over the years.

Gerry Blaikie (formerly

Gerald Blaikie’s website is a fantastic resource on history and architecture in Glasgow as a whole (and Edinburgh too). His articles include rare photographs and illustrations, as well as his own beautiful architectural drawings. His article on Strathbungo and Crossmyloof is well worth a read.


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