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Ever wondered about the history of Strathbungo, or who lived in your house before you?

This site collects together pretty much everything we know of the history and development of Strathbungo and the surrounding area.

As the site expands, we will continue to add documents about various aspects of local history, original sources, and photographs.

A searchable database lists every local property, who built them, when, and some of those who lived there. You can now see who lived in your house before you! Just select Address Search or People Search, and start exploring. There are currently almost 6000 individuals listed, mostly from 1865 to 1940.

We already know of Greek Thomson and Rennie Mackintosh, but there were also other architects, military men & footballers (and one who was all three!), ministers, doctors, and a secret service agent.

Do you still have the deeds for your property, do you know of notable former residents, or have any old photos of the area?

If you are interested in contributing, please get in touch.

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  1. Hello.

    I’m searching for an old photo that I think I saw when my wife and I were thinking of buying a house in Vennard Gardens, G41, about 9 months ago. Now that we have bought the house, No. 31, I can’t find the photo any more, but my recollection is that it was in your pages on this area – possibly another site. I wonder if you can help.

    My recollection is that the photo was of a specific house, and at the time I thought it might be ours. The house was on the right of the image, an end-terrace, and quite an elevated position. Nowadays the garden level is raised but I think it was not so in the photo. We’re considering lowering the level of the garden on one side so it would be great to see if it was like that originally, and how it was done – never mind the simple interest in seeing what the house was like back then.

    Maybe I have a false memory of this, but any help you cold give would be much appreciated,

    Many thanks,

    Andrew Kydd

  2. Can’t think of one, but will have a look through my collection of pictures. You can search the site for “Vennard”, or try these pages, as they all feature pictures of the gardens for one reason or another:

  3. Hi Andrew,
    Do you by any chance have any information about William Howie, builder, who is mentioned in the note re 70 Nithsdale Rd (under. Titwood Place). I am not sure but I think he is my gg grandfather. Would really like to be able to get pics of anything he built.
    I’m in Australia and am doing a 2nd edition of a family history, so anything you could point me to for info would be greatly appreciated.
    Please feel free to email me.
    Thank you!

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