13 Regent Park Square

A small point of interest is that there is no house numbered 13 in Regent Park Square.


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  1. Quite correct. There is a 13 Moray Place, but there isn’t a No. 13 in any of the Squares.

    Originally the numbering ran sequentially up one side of the street, then back down the other, and there were 13s. The squares were renumbered between 1927 and 1930 (new numbering in 1930 valuation roll). Presumably this was to avoid a superstitious householder having their house renumbered 13 against their wishes.

    Princes Square was renamed Marywood Square S1 in c.1934; a deed of that date uses the old address, but a map of 1936 uses the new one. The name was changed probably because it clashed with Princes Square in central Glasgow. Strathbungo became incorporated into Glasgow after Princes Square was laid out. Thus houses in Marywood Square may have had three different addresses in the space of under 10 years.

    You can explore this further with the Address Search on this site – you can enter old or new addresses. For instance here is the original 13 Regent Park Square, now 28: https://bygone.bungoblog.com/wp/property-search/?id=171

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