Nursing Homes in Marywood Square

I have now been approached by three people regarding relatives, or themselves, being born in a nursing home in Marywood Square, including Hilary, the wife of Mike Stanger, founder of The Strathbungo Society back in the 1970s.

So here’s what I know, should anyone else ask.

Dawsholm Nursing Home

Margaret G Dawson rented premises at 8 Marywood Square from the architect James Money around 1935 and opened her nursing home. While the Post Office Directory always called it the Dawson Nursing Home, there are numerous birth announcements in the press under the name Dawsholm Nursing Home. This is the earliest I have found:

Birth - Urquhart - At Dawsholm Nursing Home, 8 Marywood Square, Strathbungo, Glasgow on the 24th inst., to Mr and Mrs Angus Urquhart, a daughter

Birth announcement in the Inverness Courier, 26 July 1935. Source: British Newspaper Archive

In 1939 the home moved from No 8 to No 20 Marywood Square, perhaps as a consequence of the death of Mr Money in April that year , and even the PO Directory recorded it as Dawsholm Nursing Home from then on.

The last reference to the home I can find is a stillbirth recorded on the Scottish Jewish Cemeteries website in February 1954 .

The Glasgow District Nursing Association

There was a further nursing organisation at 34 Marywood Square. The property was acquired around 1925 by the The Higginbotham Sick Poor Nursing Association, which soon became The Glasgow District Nursing Association.

Ball in aid of Glasgow District Nursing Association

Wishaw Press 15 Oct 1926. Source: BNA

While the association regularly advertised for staff, including maternity staff, their aim was “nursing the sick poor in their own homes”, and the house appears to have been a base for district nurses rather than a nursing home per se. It was still in use as a centre for district nursing for the Greater Glasgow Health Board in 1976.

The property was subdivided into three flats in 1986.

Oxton House Residential Nursing Home

A brief mention for the current nursing home in Marywood Square, which began at 14 Marywood Square, and in 1998 extended into the neighbouring flatted houses at 16 and 18, and provides 34 rooms for its elderly residents.


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