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Welcome to the Bygone Bungo blog. The aim is to collect and summarise all that is known about the dear little place we know as Strathbungo.

Over recent years I have amassed a wealth of information, from historical accounts and swathes of records, to many timeless photographs. This blog allows me to share them with a wider audience.

There is also the database of properties and previous residents – you can search through some 5000 landlords and residents from the late 19th and early 20th centuries in the Database search pages.

So if you have ever wondered about the history of the area, who built it and why, or who lived here, or you have information of your own to add, delve in.

Andrew Downie


  1. Thank you for the site and all the information on it, really enjoyed reading about the area and looking at the old photos. You mentoned wanting to look at deeds to a property on the southside of carswell gdns., if this is still the case I have deeds and would be happy to send a copy.

    • Thanks for the deeds. Some useful lines of enquiry regarding the builder of that side of Carswell Gardens, and indeed land ownership. Would be interested if anyone else on the south side of Carswell has old deeds.

  2. Thought I would have a quick look at this….two hours ago!#
    The blog is brilliant and obviously the product of research and a lot of work. Thank you very much for taking the trouble, it is much appreciated and I will be a frequent visitor.

  3. Great work, Andrew, I used to live in the area in the late 80’s early 90’s – fond memories. We popped back over recently for lunch where I picked up the news letter and found your blog. Keep up the good work, you are creating a really good bond with the history and built environment. You work is inspiring and interesting, your long hours of research have been rewarded. Cheers Carol-Anne

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