History of Langside Primary School

Not quite Strathbungo, but quite a few residents of Strathbungo are current or former pupils of Langside Primary School.

Back in 2006 I set about recording a history of the school for its centenary celebrations, and the resulting book was published and copies distributed to pupils.

It came about after watching an all-time classic episode of “Who Do You Think You Are?”, featuring Jeremy Paxman. He was reduced to tears when he discovered his great grandfather was a Glasgow school janitor, whose family was left destitute when he died. The program made reference to the head teachers’ diaries kept in the Mitchell Library, and the resultant book was based largely on entries from the Langside diaries.

It is reproduced here for posterity, if anyone wishes a read.

Life in a 20th Century School – Click to read (pdf, 1MB)


  1. Helen Singleton

    July 14, 2020 at 5:24 pm

    I am trying to contact Andrew Downie.
    Both my brother and I attended Langside Primary and my brother is about to celebrate his 80th birthday.
    When searching on line I found Andrew’s wonderful book that was published about the school at its centenary in 2006.

    I would love to purchase a copy for my brother’s birthday, can you advise me if this is possible?

    Thank you.

    With best wishes,
    Helen Singleton

  2. A print run was made for current pupils at the time. It isn’t for sale anywhere. The school may have spare copies. I have a few copies left, and you could have one if you like. Would certainly make an unusual present.

  3. It was a Rutherglen School paxman went to

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