The Consort Hotel

Residents may recall recent clashes between the needs of commercial businesses and residents in the Strathbungo area. It was ever thus. I found this newspaper clipping from the Herald, dated 18th October 1973, relating arguments over the licencing of the Consort Hotel in Moray Place.

The Consort Hotel?

Yes, that was the hotel in 31 and 32 Moray Place, and which later apparently extended to almost the entire terrace, 27-32 Moray Place.

The Herald, 18th October 1973

Mr Stangoe (sic – Mike Stanger, of the Strathbungo Society) complained of the problems of traffic, damage and late night noise, but it appears the licence went ahead anyway, and the hotel continued to expand. Can anyone shed any light on its history, and when it closed? Everything has reverted back to residential dwellings now.

If anyone in the building has deeds, I would love to take a look. It is one of the few buildings about which I know very little, but the deeds often hold clues.



  1. Interesting story Andrew. Does not seem the most likely position for a hotel and I can see why prople living around it would find it objectionable. You would think that if it was operating 40 odd years ago that details of its history would be available. I hope someone is able to respond with some facts . Thanks again for such an interesting post, even if it is a puzzler

    • Hi
      I now live in Strathbungo but remember very clearly that following my cousin’s funeral in May 1971 we went back to a hotel in Moray Place. However it was called the Tara Na Ri . It was an Irish funeral and I am sure the name was Irish Gaelic. I think it means “Hill of the Kings” (although I’m not sure of the significance in the Strathbungo context)

      • Douglas Robertson

        September 2, 2018 at 10:02 pm

        Hi,I remember the Hotel but cant say exactly where its position was in Moray Place. I am sure it was positioned quite a distance from Nithsdale road, probably near where the now dismantled Bridge that went over the Railway from Moray Place to Darnley Place. Darnley Place is the very short “street” with only 2 houses
        ie. main door Flats that lies between Darnley Road and Fotheringay Road.
        I do remember that the Hotel was painted in a bright colour (light whic made it stand out from the other adjacent buildings. The Hotel had a large area at the front for parking. The parking area was off street and had originally been the front gardens of the 2 Properties that the had been altered to make the Hotel. A friend had his wedding reception in it in the late 1960s.

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