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Strathbungo’s history: Welcome

Ever wondered about the history of Strathbungo, or who lived in your house before you?

We aim to collect together all those interested in local history, and compile a more complete record of the history and development of Strathbungo and the surrounding area.

As the site expands, we will continue to add documents about various aspects of local history, original sources, and photographs.

A searchable database lists local properties, who built them, when, and who lived there. You can now see who lived in your house before you! Just select Address Search or People Search, and start exploring. There are currently almost 6000 individuals listed, mostly from 1865 to 1925. The latest update, in April 2017, includes residents in the gardens for the first time, from the Glasgow Post Office Directory of 1939-40.

We already know of Greek Thomson and Rennie Mackintosh, but there were also other architects, military men & footballers (and one who was all three!), ministers, doctors, and a secret service agent.

Do you still have the deeds for your property, do you know of notable former residents, or have any old photos of the area?

If you are interested in contributing, please get in touch.

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You can also use the Keep in Touch page to join the Strathbungo Society and/or BygoneBungo mailing lists, or the Submit page to send material. Feel free to add comments to the posts on the site.

Andrew Downie & The Strathbungo Society


  1. Thought I would have a quick look at this….two hours ago!#
    The blog is brilliant and obviously the product of research and a lot of work. Thank you very much for taking the trouble, it is much appreciated and I will be a frequent visitor.

  2. Great work, Andrew, I used to live in the area in the late 80’s early 90’s – fond memories. We popped back over recently for lunch where I picked up the news letter and found your blog. Keep up the good work, you are creating a really good bond with the history and built environment. You work is inspiring and interesting, your long hours of research have been rewarded. Cheers Carol-Anne

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