1891 Award

Can anyone provide some background information to this medal/award? I was going through my recently deceased father’s effects and came across this award given to A.C. Murdoch in 1891, B Company 3rd LRV by Anderson Turner Esq. My great grandfather was Alexander Murdoch and we do not understand what the “C” in his name stands for as far as we know he only had one christian name and that is Alexander. Alexander Murdoch emigrated to Boksburg South Africa in 1904. My guess is that the award was won in a shooting competition, but I would like to find out more about it.

Medal-won-by-AC-Murdoch-1891a-1.jpg Medal-won-by-AC-Murdoch-1891-0.jpg


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  1. Thanks for posting. Not a military expert, and this isn’t something I recognise.
    Anderson Turner was a Lieutenant in the 3rd LRV in 1887, but oddly isn’t listed in 1891 (Glasgow PO Directories). He was a wine merchant in the Gorbals who lived in Govanhill, fairly close to the LRV drill hall.
    Do you have any further info on Alex Murdoch? Where he lived, or worked?

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