The results below are in three sections. The first confirms the address you searched on, including details of any previous addresses used by the property. This may be because of street renumbering c 1930, or a street name change.

The second section lists all known previous residents at the property, based on historical records. These are mainly old Glasgow Post Office Directories to 1939, and valuation rolls from 1875 to 1925. They mostly predate the gardens but there are now a few records for these properties too. If any item in the results appears clickable, you’re in luck – it likely links to articles on the website covering that property or individual in more detail.

The third section contains some historical notes on the whole street.

NoStreetFrom UntilFormer No Former Street Historical Notes
10Moray Place1859, Alexander Thomson.

See the blog post 10 Moray Place for a full history.

NameAgeOccupation ProprietorNote FromUntilSourceComments
John Angus Wine & Spirit MerchantDied 1 Feb 1865 18621865 Glasgow Post Office Directory
William Fraser at N.Handyside's, 92 West Regent St 1865 Glasgow Post Office Directory
William Walker 1866 Glasgow Post Office Directory
Andrew Gray Drysalter62 St Vincent St 1868 Glasgow Post Office Directory
Mr Paterson 1870 British Newspaper Archive
Gavin Paterson60 Shoe Manfacturer Employing 90 Man And 25 WomanHead 1871 1871 Census
Agnes Paterson15 ScholarDaughter 1871 1871 Census
Annie Paterson14 ScholarDaughter 1871 1871 Census
Gavina N Paterson9 ScholarDaughter 1871 1871 Census
Mary M Paterson6 Daughter 1871 1871 Census
May Sinclar24 Domestic ServServant 1871 1871 Censusb. Craignish Argyleshire
James Waddell 18741886 Glasgow Post Office Directory
James Waddell Owner Occupier 1875 Valuation Roll
James Waddell73 CoalmasterHead 1881 1881 Censusb Whiteburn Linlithgoshire
Mary Alston Waddell65 Wife 1881 1881 Censusb. Hamilton Lanarkshire
John A Waddell33 CoalmasterSon 1881 1881 Censusb. Wishaw Lanarkshire
Margaret Alston70 Sister-in-law 1881 1881 Censusb. Hamilton Lanarkshire
William Fenwick42 M. D. General Practitioner Graduate In GlasgowSon-in-law 1881 1881 Censusb. Perth
Jane Fenwick40 Daughter 1881 1881 Censusb. Wishaw Lanarkshire
Barbara Nesbit36 Domestic ServantServant 1881 1881 Censusb.Boness Linlithgoshire
James Waddell Owner Occupier 1885 Valuation Roll
Jessie McLachlan23 (Gen) Domestic ServantServ (Servant) 1891 1891 Censusb. Greenock Renfrewshire. Listed as at 9 & 10
Mrs Mary Waddell Owner Occupier 1895 Valuation Roll
Alexander K Brown59 Property AgentHead 1901 1901 Censusb. Berwick-on-Tweed
Jemima Mcc Brown57 Wife 1901 1901 Census
Alex K Brown24 Property AgentSon 1901 1901 CensusAlexander Kirkwood Brown, formerly at 7 & then 30 Moray Place
Stuart Brown23 ClerkSon 1901 1901 Census
Frank B Brown19 ClerkSon 1901 1901 Census
Charles A Brown15 ScholarSon 1901 1901 Census
Wm W Brown13 ScholarSon 1901 1901 Census
Ellen Whiteland18 Serv (Servant) 1901 1901 Censusb. Falkirk Stirlingshire
Alexander K Brown Owner Occupier 1905 Valuation Roll
Frank Bowyer Brown Died Bombay 28 Aug 1913, left estate of £1833 1913 The Scotsman 2 Jan 1914
William Brown LieutenantCameronians (Scottish Rifles) 19141918 Glasgow Roll of Honour
The Trustees Of Alexander K BrownOwner Occupier 1915 Valuation Roll
Thomas S Park Owner Occupier 1920 Valuation Roll
Thomas S Park Owner Occupier 1925 Valuation Roll
John Ross Clark Commercial TravellerFined 15s for driving at 17 in a 10mph limit, in Brechin (Dundee Courier) 1925
Miss I. S. Grant 1939 Glasgow PO Directory 1939-40

Street Historical Notes
Moray Place1-10 1859-61, Alexander Thomson, occupied c. April-July 1861. Unoccupied at census on 7 April, but Thomson's daughter Helen was born there on 9 July.
11-17 c.1862, occupied 1864.
18-25 c.1872-3, built by William Brown, first occupied c.1874
19-33 c.1876-7, no 31 occupied in 1877, the others by 1878

Laid out c 1860, by John McIntyre (builder) and William Stevenson (quarrymaster & mason) from the land of Sir John Maxwell.

The renowned architect Alexander "Greek" Thomson designed 1-10, and lived at No 1. He did not design any further buildings in Moray Place or the Squares, however, although the Titwood Place and Salisbury Quadrant tenements in Nithsdale Road and Nithsdale Drive were probably built to his design.

A William Brown, builder & mason, lived at 6 Regent Park Terrace in 1868 (PO Directory)