The results below are in three sections. The first confirms the address you searched on, including details of any previous addresses used by the property. This may be because of street renumbering c 1930, or a street name change.

The second section lists all known previous residents at the property, based on historical records. These are mainly old Glasgow Post Office Directories to 1939, and valuation rolls from 1875 to 1925. They mostly predate the gardens but there are now a few records for these properties too. If any item in the results appears clickable, you’re in luck – it likely links to articles on the website covering that property or individual in more detail.

The third section contains some historical notes on the whole street.

NoStreetFrom UntilFormer No Former Street Historical Notes
29Regent Park Square1865193134Regent Park Squarec.1865

NameAgeOccupation ProprietorNote FromUntilSourceComments
Thomas McIndoe 1865 Glasgow Post Office Directory
John Wilson 1874 Glasgow Post Office Directory
Daniel Mcnicols TrusteesOwner 1875 Valuation Roll
John B Borthwick Tenant Occupier 1875 Valuation Roll
William R Arthur Owner Occupier 1885 Valuation Roll
Empty 1886 Glasgow Post Office Directory
Mrs Agnes Mackissocks TrusteesOwner Occupier 1895 Valuation Roll
Reverend Alexander Clark Owner Occupier 1905 Valuation Roll
The Glasgow School of Confectionery & Sweetmaking The Clark Sisters 19081910 Glasgow Post Office Directory
George M Stuart Dr James Park And Eliza GOwner 1915 Valuation Roll
Eliza G Helen M And Julia S ClarkTenant Occupier 1915 Valuation Roll
George M Stuart Dr James Park And Eliza G ClarkOwner 1920 Valuation Roll
George Ponton Tenant 1920 Valuation Roll
George M Stuart Doctor James Park And Eliza G ClarkOwner 1925 Valuation Roll
George Ponton Tenant 1925 Valuation Roll
Miss L Hardie 1939 Glasgow PO Directory 1939-40

Street Historical Notes
Regent Park SquareFirst occupied in 1864 (eg. Robert Sinclair 15 RPS).
Both sides were occupied by 1865.
Built by Daniel McNicol.
To be known initially as Annita Place, but name changed when it was constructed.