The results below are in three sections. The first confirms the address you searched on, including details of any previous addresses used by the property. This may be because of street renumbering c 1930, or a street name change.

The second section lists all known previous residents at the property, based on historical records. These are mainly old Glasgow Post Office Directories to 1939, and valuation rolls from 1875 to 1925. They mostly predate the gardens but there are now a few records for these properties too. If any item in the results appears clickable, you’re in luck – it likely links to articles on the website covering that property or individual in more detail.

The third section contains some historical notes on the whole street.

NoStreetFrom UntilFormer No Former Street Historical Notes
20Queen Square186619319Queen Squarec.1865

NameAgeOccupation ProprietorNote FromUntilSourceComments
Thomas McLaren 18661874 Glasgow Post Office Directory
Thomas Mclaren39 Rice & Candle Commission AgentHead 1871 1871 censusb. Bannockburn, Stirlingshire
Jessie Mclaren37 Wife 1871 1871 censusb. Greenock Renfrewshire
Lawrence Mclaren14 ScholarSon 1871 1871 censusb. Edinburgh
Daniel P Mclaren13 ScholarSon 1871 1871 censusb. Edinburgh
Elizabeth M Mclaren11 ScholarDaughter 1871 1871 censusb. Edinburgh
Thomas Mclaren10 ScholarSon 1871 1871 censusb. Glasgow
James P Mclaren8 ScholarSon 1871 1871 censusb. Govan
Alexander P Mclaren5 Son 1871 1871 censusb. Govan
Jessie P Mclaren2 Daughter 1871 1871 censusb. Govan
Catherine Morrison19 General servantServant 1871 1871 censusb. Inverness
John Morton 1877 Glasgow PO Directory
Rev David K Miller Minister Elgin St UP Church 1879 Glasgow PO Directory
Thomas James Dodd33 Surveyor To The Lloyds Register Of British & Foreign ShippingHead 1881 1881 censusb. Portsmouth
Amelia Dodd31 Wife 1881 1881 censusb. Portsmouth
Ethel Maria Dodd4 Daughter 1881 1881 censusb. Italy British Subject Genoa
Hilda Lizzie Dodd3 Daughter 1881 1881 censusb. Italy British Subject Genoa
James Breaks62 Retired Civil Service OfficerFather-in-law 1881 1881 censusb. Portsmouth
Elizabeth Breaks62 Visitor Mother In Law (Visitor) 1881 1881 censusb. Portsmouth
Ellen Chapman19 General Serv. DomesticVisitor Serv (Visitor) 1881 1881 censusb. Reading
Mary Ferguson16 General Serv. DomesticServant 1881 1881 censusb. Glasgow
Thomas J Dodd Tenant Occupier 1885 Valuation Roll
John Webster Owner 1885 Valuation Roll
Thomas J Dodd 1886 Glasgow Post Office Directory
Frederick Rowntree30 ArchitectHead 1891 1891 censusb. England
Mary H Rowntree28 Wife 1891 1891 censusb. Pollokshields
Douglas M Rowntree2 Son 1891 1891 censusb. England
Jessie Fraser29 Cook domesticServ (Servant) 1891 1891 censusb. Forres Morayshire
Helen L Morrow18 Nurse domesticServ (Servant) 1891 1891 censusb. Lesmahagow
Colin Rowntree Born 9 August 1891 Dictionary Scottish Architectsb. 9 Queen Square
Frederick Rowntree Owner Occupier 1895 Valuation Roll
Alexander B McNair 1900 Glasgow Post Office Directory
Alexander B Mcnair38 CarverHead 1901 1901 censusb. Paisley
Ellen Mcnair38 Wife 1901 1901 censusb. Renfrew
Matthew Mcnair17 CarverSon 1901 1901 censusb. Paisley
Robert Mcnair13 Son 1901 1901 censusb. Paisley
Allan Mcnair10 Son 1901 1901 censusb. Paisley
Alexander Mcnair8 Son 1901 1901 censusb. Paisley
James Mcnair6 Son 1901 1901 censusb. Paisley
Ellen Mcnair4 Daur (Daughter) 1901 1901 censusb. Paisley
John Mcnair2 Son 1901 1901 censusb. Paisley
Jeannie Mcnair1 7 monthsDaur (Daughter) 1901 1901 censusb. Glasgow
John G Ure Owner Occupier 1905 Valuation Roll
Mrs Agnes A Ure Owner Occupier 1915 Valuation Roll
Samuel Grant Owner Occupier 1920 Valuation Roll
Samuel Grant Owner Occupier 1925 Valuation Roll
C. Peddie 1939 Glasgow PO Directory 1939-40

Street Historical Notes
Queen SquareThe north side was first occupied 1866, builder Daniel McNicol, in the same style and time period as Regent Park Square.

The south side was first occupied in 1880, just after the north side of Princes (Marywood) Square in 1879. The builders were Alexander Thomson, brickmaker of Pollokshaws Road and Robert Anderson, joiner and wright, of Dumbarton Road (now Argyll Street).